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Outdoor Furniture, Alfresco Furniture Care & Warranty Information
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UV Wicker Outdoor Furniture Care

Our UV All Weather Wicker outdoor furniture is woven from a synthetic material that is ideal for our Australian Weather. A UV inhibitor is baked into the wicker fibre during the manufacturing process and we offer a 3 year warranty against peeling, cracking and fading.

The Wicker and frame can be hosed down or cleaned with mild soapy water for tougher stains.


teak arm chair furniture

Natural Teak Furniture Care

Teak is a very dense and oily wood. This means that teak furniture can be left in the weather elements and endure years of rain, wind, heat and cold. Our teak is sourced from plantations in Indonesia.
Every piece of furniture has its own character and structure. Small inlays can be used to fill up minor exisiting imperfections and give the product a naturally aged look. Each and every piece is constructed and finished by hand to ensure a high standard of outdoor furniture.

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Aluminium furniture

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture Care

Powder coated aluminium Outdoor Furniture is a stylish and long-lasting material for outdoor furniture. It is lightweight and corrosion resistant. The Powder coating system is a polyester based coating that uses uniformly sized micro-beads of polyester, they are electrostatically charged to adhere to aluminium. The coating is thick like an epoxy coating, but because it is electrostatically charged and then baked onto the aluminium, it doesn’t flake or peel like paint or epoxy.


Rattan arm chair

Natural Rattan Furniture Care

Rattan furniture is affordable simple and made out of natural fibre.

UV Rope Outdoor Furniture Care

Polypropylene rope has a natural-fiber appearance, but unlike most natural fibers, it is able to absorb water and has stain and UV resistant properties. This makes it a great material for weaving outdoor furniture.



Trapeze and benches

Stone Composite Furniture Care

Lavastone tops are engineered as a strong natural composite, mixing lava dust with resin to create concrete-look furntiture pieces. Lavastone does not chip, crack, or break easily because of the composite nature of the material. The legs are powder coated aluminium. The Lavastone tops are resistant to UV and water but we recommend that they are placed under a covered alfresco area or covered when not in use.



Eucalyptus & Karri Gum Wood

The Eucalyptus and Karri Gum timber furniture is manufactured in Vietnam using precision mortise-and-tenon joinery. Each and every piece is constructed and finished by hand to ensure a high standard of outdoor furniture. Eucalyptus and Karri Gum wood has great rot resistant properties and also resists the attached of fungi and insects.


Outdoor Cushion Fabric Care​

The UV fabric on the cushion is fade, water and chlorine resistant and specifically designed for outdoor use.

The fabric comes with a 2 year warranty against fading.

Our cushions are crafted to provide years of comfort and performance in a variety of climates and conditions. However, after extended or heavy rain,

some water may penetrate into the inner foam core.

If your cushions get wet, stand them on end, with the open zipper or seam side down, to help drain the water and speed the drying process. Be sure the

cushion’s foam core has completely dried before using.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

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